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Monday, October 25, 2010

1st snow of winter 2010, holy killing.

last weekends again i had only half of a day to stay with baby son, but much rewarding. we found lots of pleasure in games, a small game even brought baby son fun to probe it. the sinful grandma there peeking baby&exert ill will upon the holy, lured baby son to try to defeat a boy student there restlessly. she even called me to watch the ugly game. baby&me, we soon joined watching a game trailer online together, while the old demon exile without our attention. so did the boy student. after his mom returned, baby yet insisted my trying another shooting game with him before i left, around 5pm when dorm's canteen serves dinner. that's really a gliding happy time among us.
mother still in treatment, &i hardly judge the perspective of her survival. God surely heard my call&affirmative to me. i kept it calling in in morning after i got up in serial days. however, yesterday my cellphone ran out of charge, so i buzzed in lately at noon, when i waiting baby's mom from her school outside of her house, after visited telcom office. i talked with my younger elder sister&her husband, who came over together to see our ill mother. i told her again my budget of ¥20000 for mom's restore her health&survives another 3 years. she laughed&let me just keep on my own business, let hometown relatives on their own.
returned to QRRS dorms, i listened a sermon can't be more cohesive. after let baby know my taking part in church on phone, i launched to try hdr composition of photos. after tried some small warez, i soon found photoshop is the most powerful tool, killing any small softwares. i continued to export my panorama via photoshop with new trust on it. the dorm's lavatory's re-furnish also finished, i enjoy washing&toilet first time since the noisy&dusty project launched.
this morning when i first caught sight of the sky outside, i sensed it might snowed. it did. so i shot some photos from my window at once, preparing a blog for the saint moment. i once doubting the killing by the white angels might hurt my mother in ailment, but i insisted God promised me. after breakfast, on way to office, i buzzed hometown, empty on the phone in my passed dad's house. but eldest brother talked with me on his mobile, said mother's health got improved. kid brother, who always active, brought his wife&son to the county, likely let mother alone in the old house. so far, i can't gain more positive news from my concerned. God, let it enough&steadily resuming to normal.
Its a bright morning now. i had problem with upload my photos entrenched by China surveillance, but God helps it proceeding forward. God, care my girl young&agile. bring my new life in our prime time. God, let me have the ability to upgrade baby's homework to digitize it, let me later or sooner buy baby a child mobile, for which he longing. God, bring sunshine in my life here&in my hometown. enhance my kid brother's finance with a sound&ever growing business he likes.

From life as it extends
From life as it extends
From life as it extends
for google&flick blocked within China mainland for years, here some copy hosted domestic.

echo of summer memory: happy seashore aside River Nen, where baby son played months ago.

outside scene of benzrad's QRRS office: 1st snow&a shallow one in winter 2010.

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