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Saturday, April 2, 2011

happiness and anxiousness interweaved.


days in bliss.^these days saw lots of beautiful girls around me, and i know my girl Zhou coming to me.baby's mom also overt talking about her new marriage, dispelled my visiting her house where i can dwell with baby with pc games. all these things moving and sorry, i mean, change occures in time with resolution. times and times I was drove by sexual desire from passing beauties, and this time my girls, best in best in my eyes' candy, due to descend and melting me in her boundless wave of ocean of love making. saint moments with baby son also let me sorry in retrospect, for he is so smart and faultless. i pray for more time to serve him for harvest and joy together with God in his universe. I tried to download more small games from web, but he still gamed a lot with his favorite game, worms 3D. his mom refused leaving him alone with me in my dorm, saying baby son yet recovered from recent cold. God, isn't my good time arriving, doesn't the world focus, like Japanese earthquake, Christian crusade diminishing Islam and Russian, pokes itself into world agenda and appeals the presence of Son, Son of the only God and creator of Universe, his decision and save, his brilliance and hardness? God, doesn't my girls broke sieges of enemies of my Empre of China and aligning under my castle that universally evergreen? God, doesn't new life of my Royal, my 2nd son, my 3rd son and other children glad to step in from world hedge? God, I'm ready for a long time for the booming of my family in ur shine, in title of Zhu's. God, bring my girls as well as my new families sooner in sunny summer, lift me into meaningful weighted life experience on the most pivotal stage in the world unites in one. God, see my girls the straight way to my rest room, God, u see.


dreamed of alumni re-gathering.^dreamed of a guy in family name Xu, whose scores in our senior middle school usually quite enviable, in alumni gathering party. another guy, Peng Jinglei, also appeared. yesterday i update my online alumni pages with new photos, and read updates from my once classmates. Its now a bright morning, and I just enjoyed my delicious breakfast. these working week i usually joined old office on time, trying to gain stuff from web. the hard core gay on my facing desk again turned agile, busy on his seat profaning me from time to time, while his companion or mate, the monitor, this moment avoid joining the mud, likely learned from my exit so far since the dispute over office door's openning or closing. yesterday i worked in old office longest, left near 4pm, joined again from 6pm to 8:30pm, aiming prepared baby's weekend visit with more attractive pc games. on way back to dorm, i reviewed the office gay's wrong orientation since his childhood. God urged me to keep alerts among my attitude toward my sons, enabled them all independent and perfect self-possessed. God does not weaken his blessed by uncompleted. the dorm area first time encountered power down, resumed when i reviewed baby son's gaming experience. God, bring baby's dell game notebook sooner, let me enjoy family life with my girls! no matter how i busy with Internet, my empty heart for love brews hot. God, Asoh Yukiko, raise me to my life i deserve, inspire baby son, warrenzh 朱楚甲, hope of China, God of Universe, with changes under ur shine. God, u know.


saw death itself.^dreamed in dawn. saw ghost of death master jumping to me, while I determined to see through, then woke up in terror. this week i joined the ditched office mostly mornings, usually left in fatigue, likely under the siege of sins there. however all my task list cleared with the convenience of Internet via corporate lan. google's reader still frequently broken, unable to load my subscribed feeds, google account was defied logout but less times after i did it via proxy tool against the surveillance, who likely realtime espionage. i can felt hatred against google gathering weight among dictator elite in PRC, and the elapse of the socialism also speeding up. barking dogs in the office continued their doomed fight, but that's a far distant echo of historical wound. baby's 2nd site, wozon.net, likely finally released, with homepage rewrote, some subdomains, like blog, wiki and forum, nicely settled. last night when i went to fetch baby son, i shown him the works online, he didn't comment, but i know the prize. i reported him my discuss with Taiwan friend on the gift, a dell game notebook as God promised, encouraged him praying for the ready after barrier behind it, surprise in front of it. i also shown his mom, who refused baby leaving her house the night for baby got cold, google maps. its so bright in the end of yesterday, baby son greatly enchanted by 3 new games arrived from web. i saw God's bliss even thick in this sunny dawn. God, bring me my girls and our offspring, bring my son, warrenzh 朱楚甲, Hope of China, God of Universe, his promised gift, a dell game notebook in nearest spring.

From life as it extends
From life as it extends
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